How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

Paul Stamets is one of the world’s leading mycologists (a.k.a. fungus scientist). One of his most recent books, Mycelium Running, encompasses the history and future of these amazing organisms. Mycelia act as a sort of fungal ‘root’, some of them forming underground networks that spread for thousands of acres. A single cubic inch of soil could have up to 8 miles of mycelia within it! These mycelium assist in decomposition and enrichment of our soils; reconstituting ecosystems, filtering toxic contaminants, … Continue Reading


Top Feed Drip Method Pt1

Top-Feeding Drip Top feeding plants can be a simple and very effective way to keep your plants hydrated, or fed properly. There are various different products that can be used to top feed, and I will attempt to explore the most applicable options, and when and why they do, or do not work well for a given situation. Theory Behind Top-Feeding Two important components that plants need to survive are water and nutrients. Plant mediums either contain nutrients – such … Continue Reading


Ancient Forest : Product of the Month

Ancient Forest is a natural product consisting of 100% pure forest humus. It is derived from thousands of years of naturally decomposed forest litter that contains a wide spectrum of organic compounds. An incredibly high diversity of microorganisms, with more than 35,000 species of bacteria and over 5,000 species of fungi, make Ancient Forest an ideal amendment for gardening and potting soils. Ancient Forest also aids in the retention of water and nutrients; creating stable, long lasting soil for your … Continue Reading